Welcome to my blog


Hi, I’m B, the ‘momager’ of Mash the miniature dachshund. Mash is one years old and a talented pooch. He’s handsome with a cheeky personality and I sound like I’m setting up his dating profile… anyways, Mash is in fact a model for London Pet Models and a pet influencer on Instagram, living and working in London. Read about his office role here.

Mash’s first birthday shoot with Rachel Oates

Where it all started

My husband and I bought home our ‘first born’ aka our furry little potato, Mash, in July 2018. Neither of us had pets growing up, (except for fish and that was about as far as it went) and being a first time dog owner I seeked to the internet for help. I’m hoping someday our blog can help someone else too.

Training Mash was easier than the internet made it out to be. Either we were super lucky, or he’s a genius, I guess both. And by exposing him to a lot in the early stages, it just meant he was fearless of everything. He came to work with me and loved the attention on the train. He lived in an Amazon prime box for a week and pee’d all over the office but by 4 months he’d mastered going outside and would go to the door each time he needed to toilet.

Our journey

At 16 weeks we left Mash with our family friend whilst we went on holiday. During his stay he became a DJ, met celebs, broke so many hearts and ripped up a lot of white socks. I remember crying thinking I’ve abandoned my child, but he had the best time. On our return, we realised Mash has separation anxiety, I couldn’t even leave the room to go pee without him crying (note to world, do not abandon pup ever). We had to go back to square one on training and eventually he got better at being alone.

Since then, I’ve kind of felt bad leaving him out, I take him everywhere. He’s snuck into restaurants (sorry Byron, we’ve been here a few times), local supermarkets (Tesco used to turn a blind eye, now I give them my card and they buy my milk for me) and more recently abroad on holiday with us (check out our crazy travels here).

Mash sneaking into Byron Burger

My husband and I laugh at how ridiculous this dog’s life really is. It’s crazy how much we do for him, although we don’t evolve our life around him, he does have an epic life and we plan to share some of our adventures, our travels abroad and all the dog friendly experiences we’ve had with you all here in our blog.

Stay tuned!

B and Mash