Office Dog – behind the scenes of our Mashscot

Being with Mash 24/7, means he is more than just ma bestie, we’re also colleagues. Yep, that’s right, Mash has the role of Office Dog. He is the Mashscot (see what I did there) for a Design Agency, in SE1 London. 

For him, being an office dog is an easy job really, he barely works, mainly sleep and occasionally he’ll thief my colleagues personal items, making them chase him around the office to try to get it back. 

Office Dog role includes: 

  • Being cute
  • Giving cuddles during stressful deadlines
  • Charming clients
  • Barking at couriers
  • Cleaning the floors (I like to lick up crumbs and dust)
  • Fighting with my boss

Office Dog salary: 
£0 /hr (liberties I know), apparently he’s in arrears and owes my director for the following offences:

  • Noise pollution
  • Fines for exposing myself
  • Fines for running around with boss’ expensive trainers
  • Attacking the boss
  • Barking
  • Littering

Total: £3,459

What’s it like working with an Office Dog?

Calming! We’re lucky to work in a pet friendly office. And a lot of people ask how we ever get any work done, really, Mash is pretty lazy during work. He sleeps a lot and is super chilled that it keeps us chilled. Whenever we get stressed he’s literally by our feet ready to give us a cuddle.

Sometimes, he’ll have a cheeky outburst that can last a couple of days. He will distract you, he’ll either wrestle with his bed, play with a really noisy plastic bottle during a conference call, or nick the banana from your bag and ruin your snack plan.

But we love him and he is the best Mashscot!

B and Mash x