Welcome to the wonders of a small dog in the big city of London. It all started when my mum, met my dad, got married and 8 months later adopted me.

Hi, my names Mash, I also go by the name of ‘moosh’, ‘moo’, ‘lil shit’, ‘hello.. I’m talking to you’, and ‘handsomes’. I’m a cheeky little sausage dog (miniature dachshund) living my best life with my pawrents in South London, UK.

My mum’s name is B, the ‘Bangers’ in this duo. She is who runs my social world, and pretty much the personality behind it all. We cant wait to share our adventures, our travels abroad and all the dog friendly experiences we’ve had with you all.

Hope you enjoy our blog!
Love and licks
B and Mash